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Friday March 22nd 2019

Hitting the High Notes

Sabrina Harrell is a 25 year old Cameron University where she received musical training from Dr. Janice Logan. Harrell recently finished Tulsa Opera’s production of Robert Aldridge’s Grammy Award-Winning Opera, Elmer Gantry where she was a member of the chorus.

Harrell said she always knew she was suited for a music career in opera as apposed to other genres of music.

“I always knew my voice wasn’t meant for pop singing,” Harrell said. “It was always better suited for more classical and operatic music.”

Curious about why Harrell decided to join Tulsa Opera, she explained a friend had told her about auditions and they both decided to audition.

“My friend Melissa Delgado, also from Cameron, told me about auditions, so we both went and were both accepted,” Harrell said. “I have really enjoyed being apart of the Tulsa Opera. It’s so nice being around musicians that really appreciate opera. I have learned many things from everyone here. Moving from Lawton to Tulsa was an adjustment because I’ve really only lived in Lawton, but I am loving every minute of it.”

(Left to Right) Delgado and Harrell on opening night of Elmer Gantry.

Photo courtesy Harrell.


Harrell says Elmer Gantry was nothing like what she expected and that the opera is a great mix of comedy and tragedy.

“Elmer Gantry wasn’t anything I expected,” Harrell said. “It was better than I expected. It’s full of great lessons and comedy and tragedy all in one opera. The part I’ve enjoyed most about this opera is getting to see and hear the great singers from around the US that are playing the main roles.”

Seeing Harrell’s performance in Elmer Gantry for myself, I was curious to hear what she thought the overall moral to the story was.

“Elmer Gantry teaches us to be honest and never change yourself for someone else. If you want to change, it has to be for the right reasons or it will never work out.” Harrell said.

Harrell says her goals are to continue singing and hopefully one day land a principle role.

“My goals with opera right now are to continue singing with the chorus and to hopefully one day establish myself enough to sing as a principle role,” Harrell said.

What advice do you have for someone looking to make it in the music world?

“My advice is to never give up,” Harrell said. “Even if people are saying you can’t do it or you shouldn’t, never give up. If it is a passion of your’s or a dream, pursue it with all your heart.”

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