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Friday October 19th 2018


Manda Shae Dickinson is a student at Cameron University pursuing a Bachelors degree of Fine Art in painting. Along with being a student at Cameron, Dickinson is a Internet entrepreneur managing several blogs and social media sites for various projects.

For the past several months, Dickinson has been experimenting with a variety of new media such as video and animation. One of Dickinson’s current projects is a coloration on a videogame commentary channel titled LolitaPlay!

Dickinson said the creation of her art is driven by the many decisions that she makes every day.

“Actually, it’s kind of funny, making art is a huge force in what drives my decision making in most areas of my life,” Dickinson said. “I’ve known for a very long time–since I was probably about 12 years old–that I wanted to work in art, so trying to make consistent decisions that further my life in that direction drives both my goals and my want to make art.”

There are many different ways that an artist might describe their work; Dickinson chooses to describe it as ‘gross.’

“My favorite description of it so far has been ‘gross’,” said Dickinson. “By my peers it is used in an endearing sense, but when my work is presented to outsiders the term becomes wildly accurate.”

“I describe my work as being very technical. My entire process goes through several stages from thumbnails, to sketches, to penciling, and final polishing of an artwork. I also work in a range of styles–varying from cartoons, surrealism, expressive realism, and sometimes a combination of all of these.” Dickinson said.