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Friday January 18th 2019

Heavy Lines

Elia Merel is currently a senior at Cameron University studying for her BFA in both Graphic Design and Printmaking. Originally from Germany, she grew up in a military family constantly surrounded by people of many ethnic backgrounds, religions, and cultures. Being within many environments has affected how she views the world as an artist with an open mind.

Throughout her years as an art student, Elia has found that she has no preference to one media since she enjoys using all that is available. She incorporates an eccentric mixture of realism and stylized art forms heavily influenced by various fantasy, Art Nouveau, and tattoo styles. She executes this style with splashes of color along with heavy use of line, both contour and interior, that reflect her influences.

A mixture of passion, drive for success, and a will to prove her worth as an artist to herself is what drives Merel to create art.

“I cannot see myself doing anything else as a profession,” Merel said. “I know that if I want to make art my life, which I intend to do, I’m going to have to work hard, improve my technique, and make a name for myself.”

Merel has been creating art since her early days as a “wee child.” She recalls drawing her favorite cartoon and video game characters without any losing her attention to any outside distractions.

“Recently I visited my parents and watched a couple of home videos from 10 years ago,” Merel said. “At one point my Mama and Papa commented, ‘Oh! There’s Elia, drawing again.’ Not even the thrill of being on camera could get me away from creating!”