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Tuesday April 23rd 2019

The Cosmic Nomad

Lindsey Morris is a print maker and sculptor by degree but much more considers herself part of the art underground scene rather than the fine art world. Morris knew art ran through her veins since she was a young girl and today she is fufilling her dreams.

“I grew up in a creative home as my mom is an awesome interior designer and crafter,” Morris said. “My dad would make all kinds of stuff out of leftover building materials.”

Morris says her art is a representation of herself, usually something that she is struggling with in her life. Creating her art is a way Morris finds answers to the problems at hand.

“The pieces represent some aspect of my self that I maybe struggling with, something significant has effected me, or sometimes the piece will reveal an answer I had been seeking to make a decision,” Morris said. “First and foremost, life. My art has got me through the most trying times of my existence and has helped me to see how beautiful the everything can be with the right eye. Though each image may have a personal meaning for each viewer there is a general realm of emotion or recognition based on the image. I have recently started an apparel line called The Cosmic Nomad.”

With all the different areas Morris works in, she says it’s to difficult to choose a favorite medium to work in.

“That is too tough a call,” Morris said. “I go through phases. I’ve been doing a lot of leather working for jewelry making recently. I’m also developing imagery for shirts. Lots of one of a kind and limited edition apparel and jewelry.”

In 2013, Morris plans to hopes to prosper as an artist and apparel designer, jewelry maker, and as a person.