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Wednesday March 27th 2019

Creative by Design

SonMyong Park is a Cameron University Multimedia Design student from Chan-an, South Korea. From childhood, Park has always enjoyed dabbling in the arts which she claims gives her a clear voice to represent herself.

“I have always loved the smell of pencils and paint,” Park said. “I still remember that art class was always such a relaxing and calm place.”

Park’s educational career began in 2001 where she attended college in South Korea. Later she decided to move to the United States to finish her college education.

The focus of Park’s graphic design is a simplistic approach that easily conveys her message to the audience through her art.

“I try to make simple designs so that people can understand and feel in one moment without having a read any contents,” Park said.

However not all of Park’s creations are a product of digital design. Park also enjoys drawing her daydreams in a journal along with her ideas for creative pieces.

“Strangely enough, so many of my best ideas come from taking a shower,” Park said.

Park says that the timeline for creating any one of her creations varies depending on the clarity of the idea and how to execute it.

“Creating a concept is the hardest part of any design,” Park said. “Something simple like a poster design can take several days to finish my work.”