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Monday December 10th 2018

Easy, Tiger: Honest guys playing honest tunes are here.

Proving an old adage correct, the guys of the emerging pop-punk band Easy Tiger is showing that their music can tame savage beasts and please crowds.

A local storage unit outfitted with amps, a drum set and a futon becomes a practice lair for, former Dead By First Light guitarist Matthew Shreve, vocalist Evan Shorey, drummer Anthony Fontaine and bassist Pete Calhoun prepare to rehearse while a heavy-metal band thunders on in the unit next door.

The image of these contrasting bands illustrates a similar situation in the Lawton music scene — several bands deign to practice in the same corridor of storage spaces, but Easy Tiger is unique for being the only band of its genre to occupy a presence otherwise dominated by country and heavy metal acts.

Even the name of the band suggests that the band is contending with something fierce.

You know the phrase—‘Easy, Tiger.’ Say it like that,” Fontaine said.

Enthusiasm for Easy Tiger is already crescendoing online and in nearby cities — as of this writing, their Facebook profile has received over 200 Likes since it went live.

The guys welcome the support they have received since forming in December 2012 as a surprise, especially considering they have yet to make their debut on stage in the Lawton music scene.

There’s this ridiculous amount of support for it; it’s really cool and I don’t really know how that happened, but it’s awesome,” Shreve said. “I think we have really awesome friends, and we have a lot of them.”

The guys of Easy Tiger are finding out that friends make for fantastic bandmates, too.

Well, Matt and Anthony F. work really well together as far as music goes, and when you put Evan in the mix, it really ties it all together,” Calhoun said. “I came on board later on, so I’m still trying to find my place in the group, but the songs work really well and they are a great representation of us as a group and individuals.”

According to Shreve, the guys are making music for their own enjoyment when making music together – and they do not intend to change these stripes any time soon.

This is music I want to listen to,” Shreve said. “I want to write things I would want to hear and play, and if other people are into to, that’s awesome and I’m really stoked and excited about that, and if they’re not than that’s cool too.”

Shreve said the latest song written by the bands that stands out among others, but he is proud of their newest creation.

The newest song we’ve written is a little different in that it opens with a clean guitar melody, and sort of builds into some chords and leads,” Shreve said. “But then we switch everything up and double time it, and it creates a lot of high energy with a lot of gain. We’re all really proud of it, and we worked very hard to make it engaging and complex and fun to listen to.”

Citing musical influences like ‘90s rap music and other acts that thrive in the punk and hard core scene, Easy Tiger says that their sound blends an infectious melody with an aggressive beat.

It might have the melodies of a pop song, hardcore, punk beat: Real fast tempos and really catchy riffs over them,” Fontaine said.

Despite the silly names for their songs, the lyrics of each song are sincere, and as such, are written and sung in a confessional style.

The names of the songs are like ‘I’m the One Being Funny Here, Not You,’ ‘Full Frontal Dudity,’ and ‘Eenie Meenie Miney Bro,’ they’re stupid names, they’re funny names — but all of the lyrical content is really heartfelt, straightforward and honest,” Shreve said.

They also say that one of their goals is to forge a connection and interact with the crowd when they perform.

When we do play a show, we just want kids to feel it,” Fontaine said, “and it we want it to be a sing-along — we want them to be involved like clapping and singing—”

That mic is just as much yours as it is mine,” Shorey said.

Be on the lookout for something fierce — Easy Tiger will add details regarding their first batch of tunes, new videos and forthcoming shows to the official Facebook Page at