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Sunday February 17th 2019

A Life in Art


Very few artist are unable to be placed into a specific category. Most fall into a category of painting, designing or sculpting. Ricky Laugisch falls into all of these categories.

Laugisch is a Cameron University student majoring in studio art who is driven by the passion of always making herself better.

“The knowledge that I can be better drives me to create art,” Laugisch said. “I always want to push myself to the next level so I can move up.”

Laugisch said she started creating as far back as she can remember but it wasn’t until college that she experimented with different mediums.

“I’ve been creating art my entire life,” Laugisch said. “Since as far back as I can remember. However it hasn’t been until college that I have been able to experiment with different types of medium.”

Laugisch says she finds joy in using all different types of medium and doesn’t have a single favorite.

“I don’t think I have a favorite medium to work in. I like them all for different reasons,” Laugisch said. “Whether is’s on the computer or pencil or ink, I have a love for all of them.”

Laugisch draws inspiration from many different events in life as well as many different emotions.

“I get inspiration from music; good music,” Laugisch said. “The kind that makes you feel like moving and makes you think and imagine. I don’t think I have ever done an art project where I was not listening to music.”

This year hold many things for this talented artist. Among her many projects, Laugisch wants to develop a new style of art not yet done before.

“I’d like to create a new style the people haven’t seen before,” Laugisch said. “I have wanted to work on different art series”

A new driving force in the arts, be sure to look out for by this amazing artist on display around town in the upcoming year.