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Friday March 22nd 2019

The Holley Brothers: High Energy Entertainment

The Holley Brothers Band seem to be gaining momentum within the local music scene, recently winning the country battle of the bands held at the Lawton Coliseum. The high-energy ensemble has been together since a New Year’s Eve show in 2008 and, with a debut album in the works, don’t intend to slow down.

Waylon Holley is the lead vocalist for the band and also plays bass and steel guitar. His brother, Danny Holley, performs harmony vocals and plays rhythm guitar and fiddle. Rod Roadruck can be found on drums, Stuart Robertson is the resident fiddle player, and Ralph Spears plays lead guitar and performs harmony vocals.

This eclectic group of men has two things in common—they’ve all been playing music professionally for many years and they all have musical backgrounds heavily rooted in country.

Waylon said he and his brother Danny first learned to play guitar from his mother and grew up in a musical family immersed in country music.

“We have a connection with the music,” he said. “We have roots in country. It’s what we grew up on.”

Robertson was classically trained on fiddle and violin and was once part of the Cameron University Orchestra. His father crafted fiddles and guitars for a living, and he began his musicianship at the age of five.

Also starting out very young, Spears has been a musician since the age of eight.

“I’ve got influence from bluegrass, classical and jazz,” he said. It all comes together when I play.”

Roadruck said he began his musical aspirations in high school playing material by the Beatles, Clapton, and Hendrix.

“I’ve worked in all sorts of bands,” he said. “We have all worked in and out of situations and bands and we have all come back together now,” he said.

The Holley Brothers Band performs a mixture of original and cover tunes consisting of traditional country as well as blues and rock inspired numbers. Audiences might see a rousing rendition of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” followed by the Prince hit “Purple Rain.” They don’t like to compare their sound to mainstream artists and say what sets them apart from other bands is their dedication to reading and pleasing the crowd.

“We are high energy,” Danny said. “We do good dance music if you want to boogie and, if you want to snuggle, we can snuggle. You don’t see that much anymore. A lot of people play everything so rehearsed now and there is no feeling in it.”

Waylon said the band often takes requests and doesn’t like to stick by many rules on stage.

“We play a lot off the cuff and we don’t use a set list,” he said.

Although the band focuses on pleasing the audience with familiar songs, they say they’re receiving good fan support with respect to their original music, written and arranged by Danny and Waylon. They hope the positive trend continues with the release of their upcoming album titled “Whiskey Whispers,” which is being recorded locally and is slated to come out in early 2013.

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