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Friday January 18th 2019

Airbrushed Wonders


Kris Dryden is an airbrush artist who creates custom works of art as well as fine art based from movie memorabilia. One of the things Dryden enjoys about his medium of choice is that it is a less common choice of medium in the “art world.” Dryden said he continues to learn from working with airbrushing every time he creates a new piece of art.

“I love it, every time I start a piece I try and learn something new or figure out how many different ways I can paint something and end up with the same result,” Dryden said.

Dryden said he started creating art at a very early age and it wasn’t until recently he realized he could turn his art for a profit.

“I first stating drawing since before I could spell,” Dryden said. “As a kid I would set up my action figures in a battle scene and draw them in a still life setting. I have always been into art, but I really started thinking that I could turn it into my means on support when I started airbrushing.”

Dryden draws inspiration from everyday life but particularly finds inspiration from other visual and music artist.

“I get my inspiration from anything I come in contact with, but I really like to look at other artist and see how their minds are working and how I can get on their same level,” Dryden said. “I always have music going while I paint you will find a rhythm that pushes you while you paint.”

With so many creative ideas, Dryden strives to complete any particular piece of art as fast as he can.

“I like to work through a piece as fast as I can,” Dryden said. “I have so many other paintings that I have stored in my mind that if I try and take a break on the current piece I’m working I won’t ever come back to it.”

Dryden’s future goals are get more exposure for his art as well as bring more exposure for local artist in the area.

“My goals for 2013 would have to be getting my name out there more and not just my name but all of your “low brow” artist around our area,” Dryden said. “I would love to have a studio/gallery here local that brings like minded people together and to show everyone you don’t have to paint rustic barns to be considered a good artist or an artist in SW Oklahoma for that matter.”