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Tuesday April 23rd 2019

Cover Me, Baby

As a musician, YouTube has proven to be a helpful tool to me time and time again. I’d have to say my greatest use for it presently involves developing cover tunes. For those unfamiliar with the term, a “cover” is a reinterpretation of another person’s song.

Granted, I often turn to websites like to figure out chord progressions of songs, and possibly even to transpose them to comfortable ranges. However, I use YouTube for something many people might not even consider.

I search covers (especially acoustic covers) of songs I’m considering redoing. I basically survey the way people across the world are redoing their favorite songs. The site instantly transports me to other musicians and music lovers’ living rooms for an intimate view of their cover.

My recent strategy is to watch several interpretations of covers. I then use them to influence what I’m going to do.

For example, if I see a lot of people are doing a song a certain way, I might stray the other way on purpose. Other times, I might like the particular tempo of one version, and the phrasing of another. I will combine the things I like with my personal style and start forming my own cover.

This is just one helpful way to use YouTube as a musician. If you’re not a musician, you may have never even thought to insert “acoustic cover” before searching the title of your favorite tune. Check it out; you might just find your next “unsigned” favorite artist.

Until next time, remember, life’s a production, so don’t mind the music!