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Tuesday April 23rd 2019

Digital Weave

For the past fourteen years, Hank Poppe has been a professional 3-D artist and animator.

“I got a late start in the art world,” said Poppe. “But when retiring from the Army I made myself a promise to do something I had a passion for.

In 1997 Poppe started work at the US Army Field Artillery School as a Computer Based Training developer creating various technical courses for the Army.

“I pioneered the use of digital 3-D and Animation at Fort Sill to meet the course requirements while cutting the costs of development,” said Poppe.

Poppe explains how his art is created using Computer Generated Images.

“CGI is my tool for producing art,” said Poppe. “The requirements for an image to be computer generated are more stringent that the average person realizes. It’s not like you can tap a key and voila, the image appears.”

Poppe says that CGI has become more available  to the public than in recent years.

“CGI has become more accessible the past few years. What was once the domain of major motion picture studios is now available to just about everyone, ” said Poppe.

Poppe comments on the human progress in visual arts and the interconnection between everyone.

“From the days when we were painting on the cave walls to the computers of today. The visual artist’s tradition is an ancient and noble endeavor which reinforces the concept that we are all connected,” said Poppe. “It’s the art that provides the visual record of that connection.”

After a decade away from the art community, Poppe began once more to create works of art. Poppe is currently preparing for a joint art show with Shane Walker at the Lawton Fort Sill Art Council on October 19 at 6:30p.m. View more of Hank’s artwork here.