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Wednesday March 27th 2019

Food for the soul and body.

I’m enjoying this entire blogging thing and sometimes go days without any ideas but when a strong one appeals to me then the writing comes easy, but often with a very different outcome than planned. Today’s will wind all over the place and may even seem disjointed and without reason, but that’s the way I am sometimes as well.

One impulse from a vernal wood

May teach you more of man,

Of moral evil and of good,

Than all the sages can. – Wordsworth.   Much talk about things we can do to improve our little burg we call Lawton. Many times about beautification projects but sometimes, like today a slightly different view. Quality of life and supporting our local area farmers, growers and students. Cameron Gardens. A community project and not just for students. We have so many empty lots around town and parks under utilized. Even in the urban areas of New York city they have utilized empty lots to build community gardens. Not only do you get healthy food but you learn to meet your neighbors. And plants promote clean air. I like plants, I like them a lot. And I love this big  sunflower. Well taken care of it seems, this garden. A lovely garden it is and no reason we can’t do more of these, even hundreds in many places in town. Looks like they have a bunch of squash ready to pick. I’m pretty sure you don’t need any zoning changes to do this on an empty lot. Just  do the ‘Occupy Lot’ with your neighbors. Or start one by yourself and see if your neighbors start asking about it  and then want to  help or add. Some might say that is the anarchist in me and some will just say it’s the right thing to do. No high weeds on the lot but something that is producing. And it doesn’t mean that you still don’t support our local growers at the Farmers Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Just supplement all the fresh and organically grown crops in the frig with some of your own. (picture courtesy of Beverly). Drat. I’ve lost my train of thoughts. I have been derailed again it seems. It happens often to me when I start writing. Harmony and utilizing our resources responsibly. I guess that is my point. Utilize the open space with gardens and not impervious cover (parking lots). I like babbling brooks and plants. They promote healthy minds and bodies.   I think my entire point, if I had a point, was to become better stewards of our planet. This little third rock from the sun. Insignificant in the grand scheme but it’s all we have. Let’s take care of it and ourselves the best that we can. Yes, I’m a tree hugger and a bit of a rabble rouser when it comes to my planet.

I’ve really lost my entire frame. Okay, though, it’s time to go practice this one on the porch. Take care, and be Most Excellent to each other.  (Bill and Ted and a pretty good idea).



I finally figure out that a blog doesn’t even have to make any sense.

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