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Monday February 27th 2017

The original Coca-Cola plant in Lawton is no more.

Grand plans afoot for an area in Lawton. It’s called the Second Street Project. But like Central Mall before it means the demise of buildings that many have fond memories for many  from childhood.

Little over a year ago it stood proud and tall on the corner of Second and Ferris. Just SE of the corner but was a stopping point for many over the years to pull a fresh coca-cola off the lines and then maybe to head down the street to LaSills to also get some freshly made ice cream.

The building as it stood just a year ago.

We knew the building was coming down but a man, Jeff Dixon, wanted to save a small part of it. The very large mural painted by the Monkey Business lads. The mural is not part of the orginal building but was added much later depicting the sights  you would see as you drove down second street. Very large 10 foot by about 40 foot. So many have driven by and seen this mural and remembered taking a fresh coke from the line.

I posted a picture of it a while back on another FB page and some said it was not art. Well, I was not an art major in college so my knowledge is lacking in that.. More of a math geek and concerned with strange attractions and such. But I digress, none would want to hear my strange attraction to Sally in the physics lab. Or our experiments.  College. Ah yes, like Jim Ignatouski from Taxi. Yes, I must have had piano lessons once.

But my friend, such a dear friend now, and big supportor of Lawton posed as if she was taking a fresh cola from the line many years ago.  Yes, cheesy grin on the face on the mural but she gets that a lot I’m sure.


The wall was huge and required some serious considerations as we cut, sawed and remove the panels one by one. 4’x10′ at a time.

Jeff on the ladder and a former councilman Randy Warren and others hold the panels as they were cut.  I was taking a break. No windows and the temps in there must have been well over 120. Jeff is a hoss is all I can say. He never let up in the three days it took for us to remove the mural. Randy, Well he was okay, but we didn’t have any microwaves around. His kitchen exploits are things that legends are made off.

A couple of panels cut and placed on the floor to be soon loaded in the moving van.



Not much left at the time but there was this big coca-cola can in the back. 2,000,oo0 fluid ounces. That’s a lot of cola and Lasill’s better have made a huge batch of ice cream for that float. I don’t know if they saved this can or not. I hope they did. It would look really cool out in Medicine Park.


The mural was really cool but my favorite thing was the entry way floor emblem done in granite. I don’t know if they saved this either but I would have loved to have cut it out and saved it.


Such a fine seal on the entry floor.

But Jeff must have trusted me. He handed me a hammer. Oh my. A hammer and everything looks like a nail to me with one of those. Never let a math geek have a hammer. It will end in tears. Okay, maybe not this time as I did my best to run it like it was meant to be run. And I didn’t hit a finger once.


But if you are listening to the song from Top Gun Danger Zone then that is very appropriate now.

We got her down and saved and only a few days later the site looked like this.:(




The mural then.



The mural gone.


The mural is safely stored and where it will wind up then no one knows right now. But this is all that remains from the building. In my bookshelf.



It did not go  gentle into that good night.  Dang, must have had a lit class as well back in the day.  Dylan Thomas. Yes, I liked him. He would not have been an art snob. There is fine art and then things like this that are memories art for many from our little burg of Lawton.

5 Comments for “The original Coca-Cola plant in Lawton is no more.”

  • Arlie D. Wood says:

    Johnny Weismueller was told by an ‘expert’ that he could never be fast because he held his head too high. The ‘expert’ must have been mistake since Johnny became an Olympic champion several times. What some call art is hideous too me but what pleases my eye or recalls a pleasant memory, I call art.

  • Arlie D. Wood says:

    If my eye is pleased or a pleasant memory is recalled visually; I call it art. What some call art appears to me like a painter’s drop cloth. Kate Smith and Johnny Weismueller were both tod by ‘experts’ tha they couldn’t but they did. If the Coca Cola mutual brings pleasant memory of sitting up at a fountain in days gone bye: who is to say it is not art?

  • Catherine Ritter says:

    Thank you for this article, great pics! I was curious to know what became of it. I stopped and took a brick for my own personal want. Nostalgia and History live on!

  • Sharon Greenlee Jones says:

    Thank you so much for saving this mural. Yes I also believe it to be art. I was saddened when the coke plant came down. Just one more childhood memory to hold onto. Wonder why the Museum Of The Great Plains did not request any of that stuff to be saved / or donated to them? Just a thought.

  • Tim Bradshaw says:

    Is there nothing sacred anymore? Looks like Lawton would have learned something after the failure of the Central Mall. This building could have been preserved and included in any new development, might have been a center piece of interest to visitors, could have been used to house a museum. Shame

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