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Sunday February 17th 2019

Did They Wear Out Their Welcome?

Recently released their Top 10 TV Series That Overstayed Their Welcome, meaning of course that they were on the air much longer than they should have been.  Below is my response to each other them.

  • “Scrubs” – I enjoyed Scrubs for the first few seasons.  After about the third, they should have taken the show off of life support.  This show lasted nine seasons.  It was my understanding that the principle characters were in residency when the show began.  When was the last time a doctor’s residency lasted more than three years?  Oh, yeah…I think that’s how they do it at Seattle Grace.
  • “Roseanne” – Whenever a show has to trade out actors for the same character, you know the show has run its course.  Sure the writers came up with some funny situations for the Conner family, but not nine years worth.
  • “Smallville” – Honestly, I don’t have an opinion on this one.  I never watched one episode.
  • “Weeds” – Again, not something that I watch.  Next…
  • “Big Love” – Was this really a show that lasted five seasons?  I don’t think I’ve even heard of it.
  • “The Simpsons” – We’re currently in the 23rd season with at least 2 more coming.  I actually liked The Simpsons for the first 15 or so seasons.  My only questions is, “When are these children going to grow up?”
  • “Friends” – Friends lasted for 10 seasons, and if it were still showing, I’d still be watching.  Period.
  • “Dexter” – Dexter has been killing people (who deserved it) for six seasons, and he’ll be killing more for at least two more seasons.  This show is great, and I hope it stays around for a while longer.
  • “The Office” – I know that I’m likely to get flaming comments, but I’ve never been a fan of the show.  I’ve watched maybe 5 episodes.  I just didn’t care for it.
  • “The X-Files” – Mulder and Scully stayed around for 9 seasons, and I watched every episode – and the movie.  This was one of my favorite series.
There you have it.  I don’t really have any to add to the list.  When I think about series with some real longevity to them, there is always a reason why:  They were good and deserved to stick around (King of the Hill – 14 seasons).
What do you think?  Are there any shows that, in your opinion,  have worn out their welcome?  Let me know in the comments.

4 Comments for “Did They Wear Out Their Welcome?”

  • Susan Provost says:

    I have to agree on Scrubs and Rosanne (even though I liked them). Simpsons is fine by me. And, just wanted to tease you that there were 2 X-Files movies. The second one was… I’d say “out there” but that would sound like a cheap pun.
    Think my nominating “The Bachelor” for the list would get me flamed into oblivion?

  • Jim Joplin says:

    The Bachelor and The Bachelorette should have made the list. I have several that should be on this list, but I know I’d get flamed for sure, so I’ll keep them to myself.

  • mary hamilton says:

    You missed Fringe. It has been on like 3 seasons, but that is 3 seasons too long. Really crazy, weird, time travel, and a extremely brilliant(supposedly)scientist freah out of the mental ward!! Yes I am serious!

  • Frugal Coupon Wife says:

    Hate The Simpsons, they need to shut that show down. It has to be the most ridiculous TV show they put on air. I NEVER let my kids watch that show when they were little, but I see little kids all the time watching it.
    Dexter? Hated it at first, but then my husband wanted to watch it and now? Well, yes, I’m Dexter addicted.

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