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Friday January 18th 2019

Witt Comes to Town

When asked to best describe himself using only one word, which could be a difficult task for many, Sterling Witt doesn’t hesitate—“artist.”

The word is indeed the best description of Witt, as one can quickly decipher upon viewing his Web site, although fans don’t just “view” it, it’s more of an “experience.” The site transforms all mediums of Witt’s art: painting, drawing, sculpture and music into a visual and auditory involvement allowing an intimate understanding of Witt, “the artist” to be gained.

With seven albums released, the first dating back to 2000 and the most recent, “Shadows and Secrets” and “Skeleton,” both released in 2009, the Missouri-native indie musician has shared an array of musical numbers with audiences across the states, some of which can be viewed on the site. His recent stop on a U.S. independent tour led him to Lawton, Oklahoma for the first time.

Witt and other artists, such as Christophe Murdock and SMACONE entertained Lawton from Jimmy’s VIP Lounge Nov. 8. The show was an intimate acoustic affair that kicked off with Murdock, the self-proclaimed “hardcore Okie boy,” originally from Shawnee Oklahoma, performing several numbers that could be categorized as hardcore country, except when he was accompanied by rapper, SMACONE from OKC. Enthusiastic to be in Lawton, Murdock said the show was his 126th of 2011.

“If it’s in my ability to play somewhere, I’m gonna do it,” Murdock said. “And I enjoy the Lawton music scene.”

Witt’s show, the headlining act, was a mixture of storytelling and dynamic tunes that often required audience participation, surprising them with his unique spin on the childhood classic “You Are My Sunshine.”

Interestingly, while Witt was onstage, guitar in hand, his visual art could be viewed on display, which is uncommon for a music show. Then again, Witt is not just a musician.

“I’m an experimentalist,” Witt said, describing his drive to express himself through several mediums.

“My message is honesty, truth. What I do is an honest expression, and you don’t see that often, anywhere.”

Although Witt said can’t choose a preference with respect to his forms of artistic expression, he has taken periods of time off from each of them. Never for too long, though.

“It’s like a fish hook. You don’t realize it’s in you until it starts pulling you,” he said.

Lawton was a short stop on his tour, which would take him to Texas next, and then to New Mexico, Arizona, California and later to Missouri. Though he’s pounding the highway sharing his music with people across the U.S., in the grand scheme of things, Witt said he has a long way to go to meet all of his artistic goals.

“If you’ve reached all your goals, something is wrong. The goal is the journey, and I’m only half way there.”

To find out more about Sterling Witt, visit: Christophe Murdock is on facebook at

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