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Monday February 27th 2017

The Poems of Cory Allen



Maybe is a collection of poetry and illustrations brought to you by Cory Allen, born in Lawton, OK and Daniel Edwards.


According to Allen, his poetry is based on the conceptual development versus literary strength hoping to appeal to the MTV generation and reality television junkies; hoping to help the rebirth of poetry.











we don’t take time


the time


to prepare anything


for anything


because it’s inconvenient


so we have others


do the stuff


we don’t have time


the time for


and we spend time


more time


finding faster


a faster way


to make time


more time


that we don’t have


to offer


but at the end of it all


at the end of the day




we find that we never


never keep up with ourselves


and it becomes redundant
















starving artist




the economy has left me


with just enough


spare change


to coin a new word


or phrase






I’m saving it for


a wishing well




or just


a fountain


that is located


in a mall


where all the


big spenders


flaunt what they don’t have




or maybe


I’ll just return home


and save what sense (cents)


I have left


to create art


that none of us can afford.



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